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Staff & Visitor Management:

Visitor Management Options:

Self Sign In:

Visitors sign in using their own smart phone/device using a unique QR code.

Works hand in hand with our single-use paper visitor lanyards. The visitor collects the lanyard which has your unique code. Go to and simply scan the code when prompted. No app required!

1. Go to

2. Scan your QR code

3. Visitor enters details.

Commercial Wireless Visitor Management

Voice Activated Visitor Management:

Designed for busy reception areas in schools, business and organisation visitor entry points, the system has been designed to allow your visitors to sign in without needing to touch the screen, reducing risk in light of the recent Covid-19 pandemic.

Quicker, inclusive, safer, the new voice activated management system enables visitors to book in using their voice alone. Visitors and staff can now book into a premises at pinch points without touching the screen further reducing risk.

Developed by our sister company Eledigital, the system has been designed to be used with our Single Use recyclable paper lanyards so visitors are easily identifiable when on site.

Contact us for more information.

Commercial Wireless Visitor Management

15" Commercial Visitor - Staff - Pupil Lates:

Our popular, great value and easy to use system has been designed to meet your requirements and be completely GDPR compliant.

Using plug and play commercial touch screens with a bespoke home screen to be on display in your reception area, use the easy swipe in and out for staff and record visitors with the ability to see who is on site at any given time.

1. Provide us with your staff names (and pictures if you want printed ID cards)

2. Tell us what content you would like on your home screen (including animations)

3. Plug in the screen, connect to your wi-fi and start using

Commercial Wireless Visitor Management

Value Commercial Wireless Visitor Management:

If you are looking for a affordable, professional way to record visitors using a wireless commercial touch screen (tablet charges when placed in the dock) then this is the solution for you.

The screen can be kept with reception and handed to visitors or if a secure area be left on display.

Bespoke solutions are also available.

Commercial Wireless Visitor Management

Hard Copy Visitor Sign-In Books:

If you have less than 200 visitors a year and looking for a hard copy solution we also have multiple options and packs available to suit your requirements.

The books have been designed to be GDPR compliant so each visitor is not able to view other records when the page is opened in the 'sign-in' section.

Not sure what will suit you best? No problem, contact us and we shall find the best solution for you.

Commercial Wireless Visitor Management

Single-use Paper Lanyards:

Single use paper lanyards are ideal for events or visitors where lanyards are only to be worn and then discarded or destroyed.

The lanyards can be run through a paper shredder for increased security and recycled. No metal trigger clips or plastic breakaways makes this the green solution.

Visitor lanyards are printed bespoke for you.

Commercial Wireless Visitor Management