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Use Once Lanyards & ID

Provide your visitors and delegates with a bespoke paper lanyard which can be thrown into your paper and card recycle bin or discard via a shredder for additional security.

As a result of Covid-19 pandemic, visitors are no longer comfortable wearing standard visitor lanyards which have been worn by others previously. Recyclable paper lanyards provide them with a clean, green solution, not only offering the right impression for your business or organisation, but enables you to maintain security and identify personnel in the premises.

Ideal for Visitors & Events

For any circumstance where your guests are being asked to wear a lanyard and return within the same day, a recyclable paper lanyard and ID badge is the perfect solution for events and to issue to visitors for large organisations, education and businesses where you need to identify persons on site.

Your visitors can book themselves in using their own smart device without the need to handle visitor books/pens or touch screens.

Using your unique QR code, visitors can scan in providing you with a record of who has been on site and provides you with the ability to call an emergency evacuation list to identify who is on site at any given time.