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ID Products Inclusive Cards:

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Inclusive ID Badges:

ID badges are an essential part of our lives especially for security purposes.

We make assumptions that our ID cards can be read by all when in fact we are excluding a large percentage of people including people with dyslexia and the blind.

Braille Cards
dyslexia ID cards

Lets include people with dyslexia, dementia and visual stress

It has long been understood that text written on an off white paper or card has enormous benefits for people with dyslexia, making the content readable.

Scotopic Sensitivity: Many people with dyslexia find the glare of white backgrounds interferes with their ability to see text clearly, appearing too dazzling so offering coloured card can make the unreadable, readable for dyslexic people.

Reducing glare: We can print ID cards for you or we can supply you with a printer that will provide a matt finish reducing the glare of the card.

ID cards with braille:

Provide the ability to read information on your ID badges in braille. An example may be to include a telephone number which can then be called for more information or to help verify the wearer of the ID card.

The example below shows an ID card with our own telephone number added. Feel over the braille to reveal the number. (Hover your mouse over the braille to reveal the relevant number.