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The only place to purchase our UK manufactured, fully recycled ID card holders.

Events Organisers:

ID Products are experienced with assisting events and conferences running smoothly.

If your business is organising conferences or exhibitions, our delegate management system allows you to produce visitor ID badges for all your guests whether they have pre-registered or have not indicated their attendance and turned up on the day. We supply the facility to register on-site and print out the delegate pass there and then.

Knowing who has attended and how to contact in the future is important to organisers and exhibitors alike, we capture all registered data and are able to provide this to the relevant organisation, ensuring that GDPR is strictly adhered to.

Our interactive map allows event organisers to manage the allocation of stands and if late changes need to be made, this is a simple procedure. It also allows visitors who wish to see a specific stand, to highlight this on the map and see exactly were they need to go.

Organising a corporate dinner, or award ceremony? not a problem. Our system allows seating and table plans to be put together easily, and with the flexibility of changing seats/tables around at a minute’s notice.

We supply the whole package, so we can produce branded lanyards and wristbands, and we can even make them from recycled plastic, so helping the event to reduce its carbon footprint.

If you require plain printed badges, we can supply the equipment to print these out, or as companies are doing more, we can supply with RFID chipped cards and wristbands to give complete access control.

Should you require paper ID badges, we supply environmentally friendly PVC wallets from credit card size up to A5, or alternatively, we can print to card.

Music or sporting event organisers, or any large-scale gatherings, are easily accommodated through our wide selection of products. We can provide branded lanyards which can highlight quickly who is a VIP, Staff, First Aiders, Security and those who have access to all parts of the venue. Along with our lanyards, our card holders can be made with recycled plastic, so again helps to reduce the carbon footprint of the event, which can also be a great selling point for you as the event organiser

If you need a solution to a problem, please let us know as we are innovative and forward thinking and will look to provide a solution to you.


Event Registration

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Seat/Table Booking

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Interactive Maps

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Delegate Data Capture

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Event Registration

Events and conferences

Registration options to suit your event

From small events requiring a cost efficient method through to larger scale events looking for a full professional solution, we design a bespoke solution to fit your needs and budget.

  • Website registration (new or incorporated into your website)
  • Touch Screen delegate arrival/registration.
  • Badge Printing (pre printed or 'on site')
  • RFID Arm bands/lanyards assign
  • Bespoke touch screen content

Looking for something different? Speak to our programmer to discus further!

Seat/Table Booking

Visitor Management

Many events have break out sessions or workshops during the day of dinners and talks after the event. To provide organisers with an indication of interest and to encourage delegates to attend we have introduced the ability to book seats or even tables.

  • Bespoke seating plans for your venue
  • Ability to pick/reserve tables for small groups
  • Restrict small groups from booking large tables
  • Restrict small groups from booking large tables
  • Increase seating if fully booked
  • Delegates more likely to attend if reserved/booked

*Also available to reserve exhibition stands for your next event!

Interactive Maps

ID Check Me

We design your interactive event map bespoke to you and your event. We have various options for presenting your layout ensuring it works best for you and to maximise content for your sponsors.

Why have an interactive digital map?

A digital map can first be shared on your website allowing potential delegates the opportunity to see who will be exhibiting or speaking on the day.

Printed maps are very quickly out of date as a result of changes right up to the day itself, this is why have an option to update our maps on the morning with the ability to move exhibitors using an admin screen.

Interactive maps are naturally more engaging and allow for more content to be shown. The interactive map can also be used to advertise future events, view information about talks or speakers or show additional sponsor information or even video!

This service is completely bespoke so can be unique to your event.

Delegate Data Capture

Events and conferences

One stop shop

The days of passing business cards to each other at exhibitions and conferences is fast moving to 'something we used to to' (although we can supply our unique exhibition wallets with business card slots for those who still like the old school method).

Collect data using RFID, QR and bar codes making swapping information really easy!

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