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The only place to purchase our UK manufactured, fully recycled ID card holders.


We offer a practical solution to assist establishments keep the staff, pupils and visitors safe and secure. With our Visitor Management systems, it allows reception staff to collect data of all visitors in a way that conforms with GDPR legislation.

Our personalised lanyards are extremely popular, and now that we can produce using recycled plastics, it is a very environmentally friendly product. These can help quickly distinguish whether someone in the grounds are pupils, staff, visitor, or an unauthorised person on site.

Whether you have photo ID cards or paper passes, we have products that will compliment this. Our ID card holders can also be made from recycled plastic, so by purchasing through ID Products, you help to reduce your carbon footprint. The PVC holders are also environmentally friendly and range from credit card size up to A5.

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antimicrobial lanyards

Taking the lead in being green

We appreciate our responsibility to the next generation and all that follow. That is why we specialise in ensuring that when we supply ID card holders and lanyards for students we provide them product manufactured using recycled plastics.

How impact can you have?

We worked closely with Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool to calculate the benefits from ordering from us. Click here or on the green calculator to see how many kilogrammes carbon emissions you can save.

Euro Union LJMU Low Carbon Eco Innovatory Liverpool University Lancaster University

Easy ID Badge Printing & Management:

Easy Badge Creation

Do you have multiple students and staff to process? So easy the user can input their own information and the system does the rest!

Collect additional information, auto generate bar codes which can be searched by independant prople to verify the ID card, crucial when ID cards can be used to gain entry or discounts.


On the occasions when cards require reprinting, details are stored and can easily be accessed via the system and reprinted.


Each card contains a unique number (or provided student number) which can be searched by an independant person online by visiting the provided website.

Simply by pressing 'scan' on the smart phone and scanning the ID card to be verified will result in an identical card being returned if genuine or information if could not be verified.

*Contact us to see how you can get the system for free to manage your ID badges.

Easy ID Badge Printing