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We work with small and medium enterprises (SME’s ) and large corporate clients to ensure the safety of all the staff and visitors. Our Visitor Management System allows visitors to check in at reception, and an email notification is sent direct to your email address advising you of their arrival. The touchscreen system stores all the information to a back-office programme and allows the user to see who has signed in and out and helps with evacuation procedures as you are fully aware who is on or off site. This can also be used for staff coming in and out of the office building.

We supply ID cards with employees photos and personal information. If your employee visits clients in their homes, we can add these people to our database so homeowners can use our ID Check service to ensure the person at the door is who it should be.

Our lanyards and card holders can be made from recycled plastic, helping towards the businesses desire to meet carbon footprint targets.

If your business uses the same lanyards and card holders, we can apply an Antimicrobial protection coating, which reduces the levels of bacteria such as MRSA. E-Coli and Listeria. Although used extensively within the healthcare profession and food and drink industry, protecting your clients and visitors is something all businesses should be looking to achieve.

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