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The only place to purchase our UK manufactured, fully recycled ID card holders.

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Events Organisers:

We are experienced with assisting events and conferences running smoothly.

If your business is organising conferences or exhibitions, we are able to produce visitor ID badges for all your guests whether they have pre-registered or have not indicated their attendance and turned up on the day. Our system also catches all the data, so once the event is over, you know who attended and who didn’t.

We supply the whole package, so can produce branded lanyards, and we can even make them from recycled plastic, so helping the event to reduce its carbon footprint.

Should you require paper ID badges, we supply environmentally friendly PVC wallets from credit card size up to A5, or alternatively, we can print to card.

Music or sporting event organisers, or any large-scale gatherings, are easily accommodated through our wide selection of products. We can provide branded lanyards which can highlight quickly who is a VIP, Staff, First Aiders, Security and those who have access to all parts of the venue. Along with our lanyards, our card holders can be made with recycled plastic, so again helps to reduce the carbon footprint of the event, which can also be a great selling point for you as the event.

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